It’s coming, ya’ll!  The Brick Wit House has just about everything it needs to launch.  Leo and I are gathering our content for the first of what we hope to be MANY episodes to keep you all entertained and laughing wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

We mean that too . . . we intend to become one of your very favorites.  We’re gathering up some fun content for you, and as we progress, we’ll be asking for your input as well.  We want to know what YOU want to hear about and what you want us to make funny.

Side note:  We hate politics.  We’re going to end up talking about it, but we hate it and we’re going to be horribly irreverent about it.

We’ll be coming up with ideas for regular features of our podcast and MAYBE . . . just maybe, we’ll manage to kidnap somebody interesting every now and again and have them join us as a guest.  If it has to be against their will, so be it.  They’ll get over it.

If you’re wondering if this will be appropriate to listen to around the kids . . .

fuck no, it isn’t!!

Can’t wait to interact with all of you!  Goddamn this is gonna be fun!


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