It’s another Bonus episode, and why is it a bonus?  Because it’s awesome, that’s why!  It’s awesome because it’s got wood.  Tara Wood, you pervs!  That’s right, the funniest human to ever grace Facebook.  Zuckerberg should be thanking her.  You should know all the big stories around Tara.  They’ve been on national television for crying out loud, so I sat down with her and we talked about Tara and what makes her tick.  So if you’re not following her on Facebook with the other almost 227,000 people, maybe you should get on that.

By the way, go to her Facebook page AFTER you get done with the episode because once you get there, you can’t get out.  It took me 6 hours to make this post because her page keeps sucking me back in.  If laughter is the best medicine, she’s a goddamn billion dollar pharmaceutical company.

Having to go back to looking at Leo again next week is going to actually physically hurt.


Yeah, I think he was kinda asking to be put on blast for this one.

There was also the Day from hell.  “He wasn’t frightened and was allowing her affection because he was dead as fuck.” is quite possibly the greatest line in literary history.

If you don’t know the story behind the “R-word” controversy that Tom Segura got himself into, here he is talking about it with Joe Rogan.


Quite possibly my favorite pic of ever.  I still can’t even post it without laughing my ass off.

We don’t want to leave out the cuss word scapegoat . . . Garrett.

Now there’s a guy that’s living in an adventure!

You didn’t think she was kidding about the Alan Cummings thing, did you?  Don’t underestimate her ability to find the absurd.


Quite possibly the feel-good story of the millenium comes right out of Tara’s little girl, Norah and a trip to Publix.  Try and watch this video with dry eyes.  Go ahead, I dare you.  You can’t not love this.  Despite Tara’s occasional claims of being a terrible mother, I’m pretty sure this proves otherwise.

They even have a Facebook fan page with over 29,000 followers of their own.  Be sure to stop by and visit and hey, why not send the man a birthday card!

Of course, her son Leo has some star qualities as well.

I looked up what ALICE stood for.  Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate  I’m not going to post the pics I took at the Century 16 Move Theater in Aurora, Colorado, but if you’re curious, you can view the album here.

I bet if we hound her enough, we can get Tara to do a podcast with her brother.  These two look like they could put on a hell of a show and I’d never miss an episode.  Also, “Broadway Gay” is the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.  I love it!

You’ve also heard me talk about these guys before, mostly from their “Small Town Murder” podcast, but click this here pic if you want to check out their other podcast, “Crime In Sports”.

Finally, let’s settle this here and now.  Something seriously unfair is going on and we need to put a stop to it.

That is Carla Gugino.  Most recently known for her role in The Haunting of Hill House.  She is profiting off of Tara’s face and not sharing the spoils.  This must be stopped.

Frankly, I think Tara wears the face better anyway.

With most of the show taken care of up to this point, I’m going to leave you a few of my favorite “Tara Quotes”.  Honestly, they’re all my favorite, but here are some highlights . . .

Want to simplify every single aspect of your life?  Live the shit out of it feeling zero obligation to explain anything to anyone.  You will be set free.  – Tara Wood

That’s honestly the best advice I’ve ever heard and I need to start practicing it more.

You want more of Tara, well go get you some!!  In all of these places . . .

On Facebook:  What Tara Wood Do

On Twitter:  @tarawoodwriter

On Instagram: @tarawooddoit

Get something from her store at  BUY TARA’S SHIT!!

and if you really want the inside scoop, one of Tara’s kids started their own Instagram:  @tarawoodfanclub

I can’t thank Tara enough for seriously donating two hours of her life to being on our show when I know her kids struggle to get 5 minutes with her, or she gets to find 5 minutes to herself even!  The entire interview was fantastic and I absolutely can not wait to have her back on the show again.  In fact, let’s see if we can get her AND her brother to call in and do a test run of what could be the funniest podcast ever!  What do you think?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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