We’re back again for Episode 3 and we’re making excuses for why we didn’t publish an episode last week.  Eric moves.  A lot.  We’ll tell you why and how he can help you sell your house in just a couple of days . . . . but only if you move to Georgia.  Just for extra fun, find out why Leo has a little Indian man up his butt.  Really.  Apparently, nothing is off limits.

Show Notes:

Apologies again for missing last week.  We’ll try to do that as little as possible.  We’re also aware that we still have some issues with audio and rest assured, Eric is busting his balls to try to get them all figured out.  First thing we have to do is convince Leo to record INDOORS!  On that note, let me apologize for all the kids in the background of his audio.  I’ll do my part as well, by not making any more ice filled drinks in heavy plastic cups that make a lot of fuckin’ noise.

Here goes our photos!

My brother is an asshole for interrupting our podcast.  I am an asshole for not putting my phone on silent.  Leo is an asshole for taking this innocent photo and heading off  to a very disturbing place with it.

That’s the awesome condo Eric didn’t get!!  Complete with gators!

Hulk Mothafuckin’ Hogan . . .  Brother!!

Eric’s not bullshittin’ about that car dealership.

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