The broken finger of DOOOOM!


At least we hope the third move is a charm.  This is the episode that was not to be . . . mostly because we told everyone it wasn’t going to happen.  Fortunately, we changed our mind and pieced something together, so stop on in and find out about the best boss in the world and the worst “landlord” in the world.  While this episode does take on a serious tone for a little while, we’re still just who we are.  Find out why Eric is moving, yet again . . . and find out why Leo needs to keep his day job.

Show Notes:

There’s Eric’s finger without the splint.  It’s still swollen and slightly misshapen and also it feels like it is being constantly stabbed with little needles.

This is Eric’s sink that is so disgusting and filled with his never-ending supply of filth.  You can almost smell the nasty from there, can’t you?

The offending vase that Eric is a horrible human being for knocking off the back of the toilet.  However will he redeem himself??  By the way, if anyone knows how to find a match for this little piece of shit . . . please give us some suggestions on where to find one.

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