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Leo and I are turning back the clock to the 1980’s in this episode.  We’re talking about the music, the bands and what we can do to keep it alive.  Eric is also going to have a chat with a ghost from his past, so you really don’t want to miss this episode!

Yeah, we turned back the clock a little bit this week and Leo and I are both compiling our own 80’s playlists on Spotify.  Assuming the embed code actually works, my list should appear below:

. . . and here is Leo’s 100-ish favorite 80’s tunes!

We both reserve the right to edit these lists at any time.

Enjoy the tunes and THANK YOU to our donors!!  We love you all, even though we seem like assholes.

Let me brag about my homies one more time . . .

Be sure to check out my boys, Aris and Bobby K on their great new podcast, Find The Stone.  They’re smart, fun and have some really intelligent shit to say . . . I mean really . . . they make Leo and I look really fucking bad, so go check them out and then come back to us and yell at us to be more like them.


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