Ok, so I promised this on Christmas . . . then again on New Years Day . . . so is Jan 2nd close enough?  It’s here, it’s EFFING crazy and never have we more gone off the rails making an episode.  We had a couple of special guests on this show and one of them may have been hitting the holiday whiskey and it was NOT Leo.  Come on in and find out how we put Eric’s editing skills to the ultimate test.  Happy Holidays, ya’ll!

Same thing happens every year . . . I make promises and big plans, then before the last piece of confetti hits the floor, somehow it gets all fucked up.  There was nothing different about this episode.

I mean, there is a LOT of shit different about this episode.  It’s CRAZY how much weird shit happened recording this episode.

But it is a surprise best left to be listened to, which is why this post is severely lacking in detail.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year . . . and all that other shit!  ENJOY!!

Be sure to check out my boys, Aris and Bobby K on their great new podcast, Find The Stone.  They’re smart, fun and have some really intelligent shit to say . . . I mean really . . . they make Leo and I look really fucking bad, so go check them out and then come back to us and yell at us to be more like them.


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