Why are our precious little millennials growing up to be entitled little turds?  Because doctors tell us it’s good for them, and because the parents almost don’t need to be present to feed them.  They do, however need to be present in order to not grow up with a flat head.  We’ll talk about that with my friend and also nurse, Liz . . . as much as we can at least, until Leo and I manage to take the conversation completely elsewhere.  As we do.

My hair is coming along nicely, don’t you think?
Please be kind to your food delivery people . . . don’t eat shit that stinks like goat asshole.

For our first attempt at some kind of organization, we introduce . . . Moron of the Week !

and this week it was just too easy.

Now if we can just get it through their thick heads that it isn’t the fact that he said the word “shit” that people are pissed about.

If you want to read one of the funny stories about when I lived with Liz and her son . . . check out this post from Opticynicism about the Bacon Incident.

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