It’s been a rough week, and it hasn’t been made any easier by the morons we have spawned.  Now that I think about it, it wasn’t made any easier by the idiot that spawned me.  Find out why I blocked my own father on Facebook . . . 3 days after his own mother died.  Yep, we’ve reached a whole new level of a$$hole in the dad department.  Come in and enjoy my anger and Leo’s rising BAC.  You won’t be sorry.  Or maybe you will, I’m not sure yet.



Yeah, this is our idea of keeping Leo’s BAC at a manageable level.

Elisabeth and Fritz Wächter circa 1937

That’s my grandmother and grandfather, and yes, despite the absence of the swastika, that is the uniform of a Wermacht soldier in Germany’s WWII Army. Don’t they look overjoyed?! All of them! They’re all “Hurry up . . . I hear a bomb coming” or whatever they say in German.

The ONLY picture we have with my grandfather wearing the swastika armband.

He would honestly hate that I posted this, but goddamn it, I’m proud of that dude and what he survived to bring us here and make us what we are.


Yeah, that’s right. That’s Fritz on that whack ass whip!

I don’t know what he’s looking at, but I’m going to imagine it is the dude handing him his boat ticket to the US.

In case you were wondering where my good looks came from . . . there ya go.

I know . . . “But wait . . . what was all that shit about your dad you were talking about, Eric?”

Ok, so it’s like this . . . my dad has been on Facebook for around 2 years. In those two years he has sent me all of two LETTERS. No, I don’t mean he has sent me long, drawn out speeches, carefully thought out and planned . . . I mean two LETTERS . . . as in “F” and “U”.

Yep, that’s right. That’s how he introduced himself to me when he first got his Facebook account. He sent me a message that said, “FU”. That was it. That was actually the last words I have heard from the man since then.

So apparently my mother told him about what I wrote about his mom since she passed away this week. She told him that it was very nice and he should read it and acknowledge it . . . but mom can’t seem to grasp his level of assholery. She’s a great woman and she means the best and God bless her for her optimism, BUT, this is what that accomplished . . .

My father apparently took the time to go to my feed and read what I had written about his mom.

He did not acknowledge it. He did not say “Hey, that was nice what you said about my mom. I appreciate it.” He didn’t even say “Thanks”.

No, what he did was scroll through my posts for the last couple months and find one in which he could be a dick.

Mission successful.

A friend of mine here in Tampa got ripped off at the Apple store and got in touch with “8 On Your Side” at the news station here in Tampa. I posted it on my wall and simply put “Give ’em hell, Steve” as my comment. It sat there virtually ignored until the other day . . . when my precious father got a hold of it . . . let me share . . .

That, ladies and gentleman, is how my father broke a two year silence with me three days after his mother died.

Welcome to my life. I responded. It was an asshole response and please, Android users, don’t take this personal . . .

To put this in perspective, the Apple/Android argument with him stemmed from the fact that he got an Android . . .his first smart phone, somewhere around this past September. My mother has been asking for a smart phone for a couple of years now. He didn’t get her one. He got his Android.

He said, “She can’t figure out that kind of stuff. She’s not technical.”

For Christmas, my brother got her an iPhone on his account.

She has learned to use it very quickly and is very happy with it.

That pissed him off.


So in summary, my grandmother died this week and as a result, I’ve blocked my own father on Facebook because he’s an asshole.

Let’s move on to the actual show . . .

Rest in peace, Delores . . . your voice will be missed.

As for another of the most beautiful and haunting voices I have ever heard . . . . CHILLS people . . . chills . . .

The duet I talked about with Seether . . . if you don’t know it, you live under a rock . . .

And finally . . . a thing I didn’t even know was a thing until a couple days ago . . .this blew my fucking MIND!

and finally . . . . the idiot that cut me off that I am STILL pissed off about, complete with my language. (By the way, the podcast I am listening to at the time of this video is Small Town Murder with James Pietragallo and Jimmy Whisman.

But also, fuck this guy.

We’re back . . .we’re going strong and we LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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