Finally, I got someone to actually come into the studio and record a show with us and put that other microphone to use that I bought 4 months ago.  Aris, of the Find The Stone Podcast, that we have talked about and plugged so many times is finally here!  I strapped a set of headphones on him, slapped a Yuengling in his hand and we had at it.  It was a hell of a lot of fun and we hope he’ll come back and do this again, many more times.  Listen, enjoy and send us some positive words so Aris will come back and join us again!

This dude is the SHIT!

First of all, after all the times I have plugged these dudes, if you haven’t listened to the Find The Stone podcast yet . . . you’re just wrong.  It was fun as hell to have Aris in here with me and you guys, as well as Brick Wit House in general, are just gonna be better people for having had him around.

Call me a racist all day . . . but that is a black dude in a cowboy hat drivin’ a truck with Trump stickers. Tell me you don’t want to know that guys story!

Tina Fey . . . yer goddamn right, lady!

and without further ado . . . the thing you have all been waiting for . . .


Michael Mann of Cincinnati . . . YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!  Your gravestone will read:  “Well, maybe NOW I can get a job.”

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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