This week was . . .well, horrible, and I’ll express that, but given the title, it had it’s “ups”.  The title actually has precious little to do with what we talked about, but we did discuss the future of Brick Wit House and how we want to move forward and how we want you to help us do it.  Tune in . . . kick back and enjoy!

The Polaris Slingshot . . . the cheap model.

If you haven’t seen a Slingshot, now you have.  There’s no fucking way you’re gonna be on the phone in that thing and not be seen by friggin’ EVERYONE!

The modified 4-seater.

Suuuuuuuuuuure it’s motorcycle.  Yep.

In cast the Tide Pod Challenge wasn’t enough for you . . . let’s travel even further back the evolutionary chain.

This is the handy little portable recorder I’m trying to get my hands on to take this show out on the road.  It’s expensive, but reviews are off the charts and all the good podcasts are carrying on.  If I can get a good price on my old iPhone 6 Plus on OfferUp . . . this is gonna happen real soon.  It’s the Zoom H6.

No, this is not a Microsoft product. Leo is just . . . well, he’s Leo.

If you are not also listening to Dan Cummins’ podcast Timesuck, you are WRONG!  Be a Space Lizard, join the Cult of the Curious and HAIL NIMROD!!

If you have not yet read the posts that I linked to last week and voted in the poll . . . for fucks sake, DO IT NOW!!

Looking around the intrawebs, it’s looking more and more like ya can’t do the email address thing with WhatsApp, so I have opened an account with Kik.  If you have it already on your phone, look for Brick Withouse on there and let’s start getting some texts going with our peoples.  It’s an experiment, so if it works, that’ll be fucking awesome!  Download the app to your phone (all platforms) and let’s give this thing a shot!!

And finally, as promised . . . check out the live feed of Tesla’s Roadster currently in space above Earth.  Remember . . . the Earth isn’t really round . . . the Roadster is just directly above that flat motherfucker.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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