This episode is a little shorter than we normally do, but it’s still a big deal to us . . . it’s the first episode we recorded with the new Zoom H6!  We talk about the ups and downs of our week, do an odd little comparison between Alexa and Siri, and tell you a little bit about some new stuff my brother has put out.  It’s the Big TWO ZERO!

The Zoom H6 has arrived! It’s beautiful and fucking awesome!
Leo is so excited that he tried to touch it through the screen.

The shitty part of the week was having to jump start my car most of the week because my alternator took a dump.  Except for the one night I drove my truck home so I didn’t have to wake up my landlord to give me a jump. . . .

If you aren’t following our Facebook page . . . you’re wrong, but here are the videos you missed anyway.  Because I’m nice.

Just a little more art from my brother . . . here is his latest piece he just finished last week . . .

Check out his Etsy Store and pick up a couple of his prints at DWaechterArt !

Check out the crazy shit my phone started doing after recording this episode . . . look at who the email is TO!

This here is a big ole’ pot of Eastern North Carolina Pork Barbecue . . . the delicious substance I am shoving into my face in the above video.  For an entertaining read and to make a delicious batch for yourself, here is the recipe as I posted it on Opticynicism – The Illustrated Guide to Playing With Your Meat

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