Sorry we had to skip a week, but we’re back and we brought trouble with us.  That’s right, we brought Alanna back and she’s as feisty as ever.  Eric is gonna tell of his Marine Corps boot camp experience and why being in a gas mask is not the kind of funny you would expect, but it got a laugh anyway.  Hear all the gory details about Alanna’s recent past in addition to the boot camp tale.  Kick back and enjoy the chaos!

Yeah, you’ve seen this before . . . but that’s what this episode is about. That guy, at that time, in that frame of mind. I was a looker, wasn’t I?
Me and my mom on graduation day. The first time I got to interact with a friendly human in 13 weeks. The best shape I’ve ever been in . . . ever.

If you have not watched this movie . . . do it.  I SAID DO IT!!!

I remember feeling like that. Every day for thirteen weeks.

This is a very accurate representation of my first night at Parris Island.  This video shows you the first few hours of what was to be nearly 48 hours of no sleep . . . with a hangover and a full pack of cigarettes smoked in about 8 hours.

There is more.  There is so much more.  This is only the beginning, but as I’m stressing to put two episodes together in the same night, I’m running out of brain juice.  I will add more to this in the next couple of days.

Also, this was a piece that was cut out of the podcast, but Alanna begs for your help to NOT allow LeBron James into Philadelphia, so help her out by clicking the image below.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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