Leo’s not here, so Eric played around . . . and it worked.  Well!  We found new stuff to talk about, with new people and it was just . . . fun!  Kick it with Eric and his brother and their best Bro.  It’s weird, and that’s how we like it.

It’s fuckin’ his, and he aint afraid to tell ya.
You can click on it to make it bigger, just so’s ya know. You all know me by now . . . Darren on the top right and Tom bottom right.
Darren with his guitars and that’s the giant painting in the background that he never finished.

In the far background of Darren’s picture, you can see some of his work on the wall, but I’ll post this again so you can check out or even purchase some of his work at DWaechterArt.

Here’s a couple shots from when Darren was showing us his Bob and Doug McKenzie treasure.

And for those of you who are either too young or don’t remember Bob and Doug, here’s a little clip to remind you . . .

And while we’re doing videos, check out this little clip I put together of Tom getting his nightly one-liner on, on Saturday night . . .

The “Craigslist Posts” on my Opticynicism Blog were far and away the most popular posts I ever wrote, if you’d like to check them out as you ruminate on the demise of the Craigslist Personal ads, by all means, enjoy them and share them with your friends.  They’re a few years old now, but still just as relevant and funny.

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