Leo is back this week and Eric got himself an Amazon Dot, so we decided to screw with Alexa.  Ok, so we didn’t really screw with her, we mostly just played a game with her, but we plan on screwing with her in the future, as well as with Siri.  Come on in and listen as we give birth to a possible new segment which shall be named later.


Eric’s new dot. I think it’s watching me. I live alone and I’m still afraid to be naked in my own house.

It’s kind of disgusting to see the wealth some get to enjoy while I sweat my life away in a truck . . . Here’s the Lamborghini house.

Here’s a closer view of the driveway art . . .

Here’s the house at the end of that same block.

Donation links are at the bottom of the page if you want to help me upgrade to a house that’s like maybe a quarter of that size.

And for some reason, Leo was dead set on showing us his meat stick.  (No, you’re not going to wish you were blind after seeing this.)

If any of you are gamers and might be interested in trying out the new game Darren and I are playing, I highly recommend you check out Far Cry 5.  Do it!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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