It probably comes as no surprise that both Eric’s and Leo’s mouths can easily get them into trouble, but their sarcastic tendencies may prove to also be effective weapons when necessary.  Find out exactly how!

This was not me, but I passed right by it. I made sure to let the boss know that it wasn’t his truck in there just in case he saw it on the news.
This is a screenshot I took from Google Maps of Leo’s old cul de sac. The Carolina Hurricanes image they put in the middle is still slightly visible.

Here comes the street view from when they did it . . .

Here’s a little game for you . . . we played this with the HOA (aka, Excelsior Community Management, LLC, feel free to avoid them should you ever decide to move to Florida)  There would have been chaos had we done that logo shit on our street.  The game is:


Do you see it?


Nobody did.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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