This is quite possibly, the most excited I have ever been to get into stand-up.  Find out about my night at the comedy club last weekend, hanging out with Bobby from Find The Stone and just how sincerely stoked I am to make this happen.  This was not only one of my most favorite shows, but the most fun I have ever had preparing for it.  It was truly an amazing experience!


Outside of Side Splitters Comedy Club in Tampa ready to have a BIG time!

If you ever get down this way, don’t forget to stop in for laughter and libations (see, I can spit that word out too) at Side Splitters!

That’s Bobby onstage doing his set before bringing up the first open-mic of the night. That poster on the far left behind him, that is the John Caparillo poster that we thought the first comedian looked like.


All set up and ready to go to record tonight’s episode while adorned with my Official Space Lizard T-shirt from Dan Cummins’ Timesuck Podcast

If you haven’t started to already, make sure you check out Dan’s podcast, Timesuck . . . and listen to it!  After you’re done listening to our podcast, that is.

Of course, many thanks to the beautiful and talented Natasha Samreny for spending time shooting the shit with us out in the parking lot after the show.  I’m looking forward to seeing how far her skills will take her.  Check her out on her website at or if you get lucky enough to meet her yourself, be sure and ask her for one of her cool half-cards like I got.

Here is just a little taste of her stand-up as well . . .

The clips I used at the beginning and end of today’s episode come from Dan Cummins’ Comedy album, Don’t Wake the Bear.  Be sure to check out the whole album as well as all of his work.  Here is the full segment that I pulled the clips from . . . .

To close out today’s episode, here is the video that our friend Zach took today as I unloaded that big, dangerous pallet in front of his store.  If you cringe while you watch it, you are right to.

A little something I want to start doing with every episode, giving some acknowledgements to the great people on Twitter that support, retweet and mention us.  Thanks for building us up, ya’ll!!

Many thanks to @MikeJMele aka Mike, @10254Kerr aka Laurie, and @AlannaKoddy aka Alanna or That girl we like to talk to.



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