It’s Eric’s history, a little bit.  Leo wanted to bring my 15 minutes of minimal fame to light so we talked about it.  How it started, how it ended and how all of it resulted in simple poverty and disappointment. Ironically, a lot like this podcast is going! Perfect!

The infamous chrome skull known in the CS community as “Skully”, when he was in his prime.
This was the final version of the CS logo. There were many, but this one was the best.
One of the earliest versions of the CS homepage. You can click it and make it bigger.
All versions of “Little Me” have always had a skull of some form on the shirt as a tribute to CandiedSkull.

The demise of Skully after the dude in the pink shirt tried to park his Mercedes in an already occupied space at about 30 mph.

After searching through old pics and things, I verified that the life span of and the community it formed started in November of 2006 and ended in 2011.  It was at it’s peak in 2007/2008.  What does a 12 years ago Eric look like?  Well, I was not bald.

CandiedSkull . . . gaming hero to awkward teenagers around the globe.
A brand new PS2 for my 38th birthday in 2006!
The celebration of said birthday was glorious.

The big game guide that put me on the gaming author map is  available on IGN to this day.  Resistance:  Fall of Man by CandiedSkull

Thankfully, I do not weigh that much anymore.
This is that same guide as it appeared on my website.
Of course, Anthony aka “LittleSkull” aka “Tony2Skullz”

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Just to make sure Leo stays entertained . . . here is his little piece of Pulp Fiction he can’t seem to get out of his head. . .

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