We’re getting into how the comedy set is progressing, and I know that the title of the episode suggests that there might be a Jew joke.  There isn’t, but my dad has inadvertently written my closer and it’s DARK.  Also listen to me repeatedly refer to Tropical Storm Alberto as Alejandro and NEVER correct it! Our ability to be wrong is the majority of our charm.

New show, new mics, and Leo just can’t stop with the dick jokes.

For starters, I was playing around with this little storm this week, and I repeatedly referred to it as “Alejandro” in the show.  It was Alberto, and apparently I am a racist tropical storm guy.

Also, Leo went on and on about rolling the r’s, and one time he went overboard and rolled the o’s.

Please beg him to stop.

We went totally sideways right off the bat in this episode, so let me go ahead and show you the video I made Leo watch.  You’ll love it!!


. . . . and how did it lead to this you ask?  Please enjoy the text conversation with my brother . . .  (if they are too small and you can’t read them, click them to make them bigger)

This here is the Instagram post that Natasha Samreny put up that caught me off guard while we were recording the show

If you haven’t already rushed out to buy one, this is, in fact, the GREATEST pen in the world . . .

Order them immediately or I will buy them all!!

I went looking for articles on why you shouldn’t call your kids stupid and was horrified to find even more articles on why you shouldn’t call them smart!  I’ll keep looking.

Finally, I am on a quest to find my prom picture.  I am looking, I have my mom looking, and yes, I even have my date from the prom looking . . . that’s right, 32 years later and we are still the greatest of friends and love each other to death.  We haven’t found it, but we will and when I do, it will be posted here.

In the meantime, enjoy these older pictures of me that demonstrate the fine looking man I once was . . .

Somewhere around 1989 . . . and yeah, kind of a mullet, on the roof of my parents house in West Jefferson, North Carolina. Yes, I was probably drunk.
Early in my Marine Corps career, the baby sleeping soundly in my chest turns 23 next month and you saw him sitting on his truck last week.
Visiting with my friend in North Carolina while on leave a year or so into my Marine Corps life. Same baby from the previous picture in my lap and my good friend, Tony. RIP Tony . . . I miss you, brother.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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