We’re back and Leo is struggling through some big changes, some have already happened and others are still to come.  Join me as I watch him drink his stresses away and try to work some things out in his head.  Find out what my son did for his Father’s Day contribution this weekend.  It was a whole lot more than I did!

Leo is looking to own a home again, and he seems kinda stressed about it.

My son got his first tattoo this week.  He’s pretty proud of it and he swears he didn’t cry.


My brother, being my brother, congratulated him as getting the same tattoo as Bjork!

This is the video that Ari talked about on his latest episode of Find The Stone.  Be sure to go check them out!!

You want to laugh at Florida?  I mean, who doesn’t, right?  Check out some of the crazy Florida headlines here at Florida man . . .

It seems like Florida always gets a bad rap, and truthfully, they kinda earned it, but check out this page to get a little bit of an explanation as to why it might not be as bad here as everyone thinks it is.

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