It’s not as exciting as it sounds.  Or maybe it is.  Either way, it was a thing that happened and we’re talking about it.  Find out how Eric tipped his waitress a day later and why you should be very picky about where you get your burgers, because whether you want to believe it or not, there are superior burgers and their prices will tell you if they are the ONE.

Listen, Fools!!! Burgers are fucking IMPORTANT, okay!!

Take note of this picture . . . it has relevance later.

This is my favorite episode of Find the Stone ever!!!  And you know why?  Because I (Eric) am on it!!  Listen to it, and feel the tension!

Cool shit from Instagram!!

Today’s episode. #podcast #findthestone

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and this too!!

Full episode will be out this week! #podcast #findthestone

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As you can hear, the rest of the week went kind of sideways.  I had brake problems, and that is BAD NEWS in a big truck.  Here are my findings as I sat stranded in a Walmart parking lot . . .

So, the day was shitty, but the food was good despite the fact that I only half paid for it that day.  This is the standard uniform for the Winghouse server.

Hey, I didn’t make the rules, I just tip them well . . .

No, Kara is not in there, but she is qualified to be.

The burger at the top of the page . . . . that is a Wing House burger, and you would be privileged to have one.

As I promised, here is the drunk guy that passed me by while I sat in the Walmart parking lot ….

If you have the wherewithall to sit through this sound . . . this is the sound that comes through on my UPS scanner to indicate when they have sent me a pickup.

I HATE this noise!  It makes my skin crawl.

If you have not been to BurgerFi and you have one in your area (for fucks sake, click that link and find out if you do), fucking GO!!  You will not be disappointed, and yes, and you can see by the picture below, the onion rings ARE the size of your head!

To round out tonight’s episode . . . this is the avatar that Leo deliriously thinks looks like him . . .

He’s fucking weird, but we let him stay anyway.

For now.

For Anthony, here is your “gift” from Leo.  Happy Birthday my Dude and also, Child . . .

Nobody loves you when you’re 23 . . .


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