So many boobs! Big boobs, small boobs, bouncing boobs, naked boobs all over the place!  ALL of the boobs!  You definitely do not want to miss this episode.  It’s unlike anything we have ever done before and it is completely unprecedented in all of podcasting history!

Also, none of that is true.  100% click bait.

Did it work?

I love the gingers . . . sue me.

Apparently Leo captured me as I was talking to my boss for the first 15 minutes of our Skype call.  This is what he was subjected to while he waited.

This is the surreal view of downtown Tampa with the sun behind me and the monsoon forming behind the buildings.  I was driving, so I apologize if the pics suck.

Here is my truck loaded with more pallets than it is supposed to carry.  I’m willing to bet my blood pressure was all 3 digit numbers when I took this pic.

If you don’t have me on Facebook, this is the video I posted begging my boss to fix my AC in the truck.


Here is the disturbing Twitter post I shared the other day . . .

and the responses that made me laugh until I cried . . .

My son Anthony passing on his displeasure with Leo’s comment.

. . . and here is Bobby with his not-so-subtle reminder.

And I fuckin’ DID IT!!  So if you live in Tampa, or you’re gonna be in Tampa, or you just need a fuckin’ excuse to go to Tampa, then click this fuckin’ link and buy a goddamn ticket and support me and everything this fucking podcast was built around!

To round out the show, I did my food prep/grilling/all that shit that we talked about I was gonna do.

All of the food groups are represented here . . . Beef, Pork, Chicken and Other Beef.

If you aren’t soaking your ribeyes in this shit right here, then you are fucking wrong and you need to correct yourself.

I’m saving this for last, because the recipes will follow, but here are both versions of the chicken BBQ sauces that we discussed on the show, and my leg quarters soaking in them . . . like, as we speak . . . while I’m typing this.  Tomorrow night will not get here quick enough.  The one on the left is Leo’s “Cornell Chicken BBQ Sauce” and the one on the right is Eric’s “Raleigh, NC Elk’s Club BBQ Chicken Sauce”.

As a side note, the Elk’s Club recipe has a long name because for some reason when my father learned to make it and all our relatives and friends came down from New York, he would make this and they all renamed it “Fred’s BBQ Chicken”, so I’m negating his narcissistic cultural appropriation and giving it back to the redneck racists that invented it.

and now . . . the recipes!!

Leo’s “Cornell Chicken BBQ Sauce”

1 Cup of Cooking Oil
1 Pint of Cider Vinegar
1 Tablespoon of Salt
1 Tablespoon of Poultry Seasoning
1 Teaspoon of Pepper
1 Egg

(Note:  I dropped the Salt to 2 from the recipes 3 and upped the Pepper to 1 from a half if you want to go by the REAL recipe Leo sent me from this link.  The listed ingredients are how I made it.)

The recipe does not suggest marinading the chicken for 24 hours, but Leo does, so that is what is happening.

Eric’s “Raleigh, NC Elk’s Club BBQ Chicken Sauce”

1 Cup of Water
1 Cup of Cider Vinegar
1 Cup of Ketchup
1/2 Stick of Butter
2 Tablespoons of Molasses
1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce
Red Pepper to Taste (I used 2 Tablespoons)

Mix over Medium heat and simmer for a few minutes then put in the refrigerator to cool before marinading.

I have had my recipe many times before and it is always fantastic.  I have not had Leo’s yet but it also smells like it will be really good.  I will update this page with the pics of the completed chicken after I have cooked it tomorrow night and let you know how it turned out.  If you make one or both of these, please share your results in the comments!

To close out this episode, I mentioned that my brother and I were going to be playing a new game that required that we play in co-op.  I recorded some videos while we played of our general “Beavis and Butthead” like banter while we play.  I’m going to start with a video that needs a little bit of a lead-in so you understand the context. . . .

The character that my brother played was, ironically enough, named Leo.  In the scene in this video we are preparing the get into a plane and fly to Mexico.  We’re getting into a plane.  Yeah, I repeated that on purpose . . . now enjoy!

Now enjoy the rest of our shenanigans!

It’s not even the games we play . . . it’s the conversations that come about as a result.  This is what growing up with a fucked up sense of humor sounds like.


Peace Out, Bitches!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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