In our first podcast recorded “out on the road”, I spat in the face of TSA and packed all my recording equipment into my carry-on luggage and defiantly dragged it through airport security.  Much to my dismay, nobody cared.  So I ended up at my brother’s house in North Carolina, unscathed and ready to record a show, which we did.  My brother, my son and I gathered together up in his office while my sister-in-law stayed downstairs trying to recover from the excitement of having us all there.  At least that is what we tell ourselves.  No Leo for this show, just family doing what our family does . . . laugh at really dumb stuff, and compare notes on our daily lives.  And NEW THEME MUSIC!!

Darren, myself and Anthony, in that order. We see who lucked out and got all the good looks. Apparently someone not in that picture.

We made new theme music, motherfuckers!!  And by we, I mean, I was in the room while Darren did it.  Enjoy the visuals . . .


Anthony discusses his work troubles.

I want to put pictures here from when we got evacuated from my apartment during the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs . . . I really do . . . but I can’t find them!!   GRRRRRRRRR!

This here is the Mike Judge video we referred to when Darren started to go off on his impressions . . .

And yes, I will fucking wade through the Murder of Scientologists to get to Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill out in Clearwater because there is nothing better in this world than Frenchy’s Garlic Crab Fries!!

You’re damn right I left some cards at the Char-Grill in Clayton, NC!!  You Motherfuckers better start spreading the word or I’ll . . . I’ll . . . I’ll . . .

. . . tell you, you forgot my onion rings, BITCH!

Here’s just a little bit of fun dialogue from our good buddy Hurk in the Far Cry 5 DLC:  Lost on Mars . . .

Here is Anthony trying to give Darren a stroke . . . but with the video this time . . .

To top it all off, my brother played the Beavis and Butthead theme for us after we got done recording.  You get the whole audio clip at the end of the show itself, unfortunately I only caught the end piece of it on video, but you still get to see the facial expressions, so enjoy the other half of my weirdness and fucked up sense of humor.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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