It was a weird week, and this episode proves it.  Recorded before my first open-mic, but released after . . . It DID NOT GO WELL.  It is what it is.  Stand up (pun intended), dust off and try again.  Prepare better next time.  Oh . . . Leo has a house!!  Congrats, Dude!!

Leo hired a moving company.

The moving company hired a tow-truck.

At the end of the day, shit got done.

Here is the overhead view of the street they had to back into.  The red arrow is Leo’s new house.

The “knottyhead”

Here are a few pics from about 10 years ago when Darren and I turned his attic into the office you saw us record the episode with my brother and son in a couple weeks ago.

Back when it was still and attic and had a buncha shit in it.
This was around the time Darren went by the pseudonym, Mr. Fuzzyhead. Also before his arms were covered in tattoos. He also has no idea what he is doing here.
This took us a good month at least.
I’ve never been so itchy in my life.
That stairwell will be important in a minute.
Drywall is up . . . it’s starting to look like a real room!
That damned stairwell.
That floor is a mess.
Looking up the stairs.
Carpet and paint and it’s a done deal.
The guitars were the first thing he hung up. That is, after we got that fucking couch up there.
From the top looking down.
From the bottom looking up . . . AFTER we had put the door and frame back together.

I incorrectly credited Nelly with this song.  I’m an 80’s Metal-Head . . . whaddya want from me.  It was actually Shaggy, and you probably yelled at me when I said it was Nelly, so here is my self correction.

Finally, here is Dan Cummins, telling the story about his lovely wife, Lynze, and how she fell on her face on a trip one time. . .

Last, but not even close to least, here are some pics from the live Timesuck with Dan Cummins in Orlando on July 15th . . .

All dressed up in my Space Lizard gear and ready to hit the highway to Orlando!
I made it!
That’s right, Bitches . . . I bought the VIP seats, complete with an awesome dinner!
The long line after the show waiting to meet Dan. He’s way up there behind the dude in the blue tank top. If you look close, you can see his green shirt and beard.
Almost made it to Dan, but had to stop and meet Lynze along the way. This is who lead with her face!
Finally, made it to Dan Cummins! Awesome show and hell of a nice guy.
If you can find a copy, make sure to pick up a copy of his book, “Daddy Bear”. NO, it is NOT a children’s book! Make sure you make him sign it, “I love Jimmy Whisman!”

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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