It’s been a whole year since we started this show and that year began and ended with a hurricane, only this time, it was Leo’s problem.  Check in with us to find out how it went since we recorded this show while Leo was in the middle of the storm.  See how Leo is managing, find out why Eric is panicking to get started at another job, and as a special surprise, take a little trip with Eric to the beach for a little mental cleansing.  Thanks for an amazing year, ya’ll!!

This was the position of the storm when we recorded the episode. Leo lives right under that Northernmost “73” near the middle of the map.
Leo wanted to tell everyone Hello from his generic, plain man-cave. Get some paint, Motherfucker!!
He also wanted to make sure I got a good “screenshot” of him while he was in there.

Several years ago, a customer of Leo and I gave us each one of these 9/11 Memorial pictures.  Mine was lost in a tragic divorce accident, but Leo still has his.  Some powerful stuff right there.

The shit part of my week came in the form of car trouble.  My radiator decided not to hold water anymore.  Unfortunately, it decided this on the way home from work Tuesday night.  Here’s my Saturday morning project waiting for my work week to end.

. . . and the videos from the progress . . .

As I mentioned on the show and on last weeks episode page, my comedy friend, Bobby Kady was in a pretty bad car accident.  This picture appeared on Facebook to show that he is up and around and in pretty good spirits . . . or really stoned . . . or both.  I asked his permission to post this pic on our page, and though he didn’t answer me, his mom DID, and she said I could.  So blame her, Bobby.  Also, glad to see you are up and healing well, Brother!

Now how about this for some fancy shit right here . . . this is an Amazon link to the Formula 303 sleep/muscle relaxer medication we were talking about, but here is the fun part . . . Brick Wit House now has an Amazon Associates account and if you make a purchase using this link (even if it isn’t this particular product as long as you don’t leave Amazon’s website after you click this link) a few cents or maybe even a dollar of your purchase will go to US!  So HELLZ yeah!  If you see an Amazon link anywhere on this site, use it to do your shopping and you’ll be helping us out in the future!  Anyway, get you some Formula 303!!

Now for the mental healing part of the episode, something I was in dire need of.  As most of you probably saw from my many posts on the Facebook page, I took a little excursion out to Clearwater Beach, to get out of the house and breathe in some poisonous, Red Tide ocean air.  It was worth every minute and I feel 100 times better for having done it, so enjoy my little trip with me, through the pics and videos below . . .

Off we go!! Beach time, Beaches!
Climbing the bridge out to Clearwater Beach
I’ve got three hours to get some relaxation shit done.
My first view of the beach after walking down from the car . . . not bad, eh?
Sunset is coming fast. Need to get my ass to the pier if I want to get a good picture.
As I started to walk to the pier, it was pretty clear that the Red Tide problem was much bigger up here than I thought. If you listen to the news around here, there are only “trace amounts” of Red Tide up this far from Sarasota . . .
. . . but then there were more.
This does not . . .
. . . look like . . .
. . . “trace amounts”.
As long as you don’t look down, the view was fucking awesome!
Then I looked down again because I had to keep walking and I didn’t want to step on that shit.
What the fuck even IS that thing on the right?!
That was a pretty damn cool fish at one point. Damn shame.
Finally made it out to Pier 60. That’s the view from the pier looking back at the path I just walked along the beach.
There’s a warning sign you don’t see every day.
I don’t know where that dolphin got that tattoo, but I want it!
All kinds of interesting wildlife appeared on the pier. This is just one of many street musicians playing for handouts on and around the pier.
Another view of the path I walked up the beach. I’m still stunned at the number of people that were out there swimming in that shit.
There were all kinds of vendors on the pier. They’d put your name on just about anything if they could talk you into it.
I’mma have to get this guy to do a caricature of me one of these days.
These were called “Football Shots”.
This is exactly what they look like. Actual glass liquor and beer bottles that were melted, flattened and turned into wall clocks. Bonus points for creativity, and one extra for “how the fuck did he do that?”

This was the goal of the trip out to the end of the pier.  I was a little worried that the cloud cover was going to make a sunset pic impossible, but a quick peak of the sun just as it passed over the horizon and a conveniently placed sailboat made for a very not disappointing view.

I didn’t just take pics.  I got my video on as well.  Here are a couple from the walk out there and out on the pier just to give you some of the beach vibe . . .

Of course, I’m not going to take videos and not include the talents of the street performers, especially the two that gave me a couple minutes for the episode.  So for your listening pleasure, meet Keegan and his Paul Simon Street Show (Find him online at The Paul Simon Timepiece Experience on Facebook) . . .

Of course there was also Pred (Find him on his website, PredShreds) giving us some Guns n’ Roses . . .

What street guitar player worth his salt wouldn’t toss out some Freebird!!

A big thanks to both of those guys for giving up a few minutes of their time to be a part of our humble little show.  Best of luck to both of you!!

You heard it during the episode itself, and there were a lot of references to stuff I was looking at as I walked, so to put it in perspective for you, here is the video put together with the Zoom H6 audio so you can see what I was looking at for yourself.  It’s got kind of a Blair Witch walking through dead shit feel to it.  Enjoy!

I made one more stop on the way home last night.  There is a walkway along the Courtney Campbell Causeway (The bridge from Tampa to Clearwater).  It’s got a pretty nice view, day or night although the pics at night don’t really do it much justice, but it wouldn’t be a complete Clearwater trip without making the stop.

The blue dot would be where I was when I took the following pics and video.
The moonlight on the waters of Tampa Bay made for a great picture.
This is from the observation platform looking East toward Tampa.
Now looking West down the Causeway toward Clearwater.

Because why wouldn’t I, one more video before I hit the house and get home to finish editing this episode.

Well, that’s enough for one episode, don’t ya think?!  Feels real good to be hopping back onto the motivation train and I think getting out of the house and out to the beach to enjoy some time outside of my head made a HUGE difference.  Something I’ll be doing more of in the future.  There are so many things I want to accomplish with this podcast and I’m ready to head into our second year of doing it with a renewed vigor and make bigger and better things happen for Brick Wit House.

One of the first things I’m going to be doing is making some changes to the website and possibly even the logo, but mainly the website for now.  Our original theme somehow broke itself in one of the updates for the theme itself and I could not make it work correctly again, so over the next week or so, expect to see appearance of the webpage change several times, and usually in a drastic fashion.  If you see something you like, don’t like or would like, please let me know.  Leave a comment below, send me an email at or send me a tweet @brickwithouse

I can’t wait to see more of ya’ll in the future and in bigger and better ways!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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