It’s time for Eric to get his finances back on the track they need to be on despite his bosses weird and inconsistent pay “schedule”, so he’s biting the bullet this week and coughing up almost his whole paycheck in order to get caught up all at once.  There will be much Ramen and water in his life in the next couple weeks.  Despite all of this, it was Leo who had a stick up his butt in this episode.  Apparently he missed his nap, so come check us out as he finds a way to argue with . . . everything.  Enjoy!

This is it guys.  That’s all I had to start with to last me until Oct 8th.  Why am I using the past tense?  Well, that would be because that was what I had when we recorded the episode on Friday.  As of the typing of this webpage (on Saturday, 9/22/18), that number has already changed.  As of right now I’m officially at $-14.73

So, it’s going well.

Donations links are on the right side of the page.  If you need me, I’ll be at the end of an exit ramp.

Please pray for one of the many job applications to pay off.

While I’m on the subject of jobs I applied for, this is an actual conversation I had with an HR representative at the VA after applying for several dozen jobs over the course of over three years:

HR:  You didn’t serve during the time period indicated that would allow you to qualify for this job.

Me:  So you’re telling me that it’s not enough to be a veteran.  I have to be a veteran that served at a particular time?

HR:  Yes, you have to have served during an active campaign.

Me:  I served during the Gulf War and I have the Service Medal to indicate that as you can see right there on my DD214.

HR:  That campaign is not included in the requirements to qualify for this job.

Me:  What about the other three jobs I have applied for?

HR:  What percentage is your disability?

Me:  I have no disability.  I am a Schedule A veteran (No disability, but still falls under special consideration because of Major Depression treatment).

HR:  Persons with 30% disability are considered before Schedule A for those jobs.

Me:  So it’s not about whether or not I can do the job.  Even if have no experience or qualifications for a job, I can be considered for it if I’m BROKEN enough?!

HR:  It is how the VA hiring process works in order to get veterans who need jobs, a job.

Me:  I am a veteran that NEEDS a job, and thus far all you’ve done is give me reasons that I can’t have one.  Basically you’re telling me I’m not qualified for anything.

HR:  At this point, that is the case.

Me:  Perfect.  Since I’m not qualified for anything at all, do you have any openings in HR?  Sounds like I’ll fit right in.


On the other hand, at least I can’t afford to go to the beach for a couple weeks, which will keep me from getting cancer of the everything from the ever-more-worser Red Tide plague we’re facing down here at the moment.

Click to make bigger, if’n ya want to.

Clearwater Beach is right around the very Northermost red spots on that map.  Rather than try to make a whole webpage about Red Tide to give you more information on it (assuming you even want more information on it), I’ll just give you the link to the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission webpage dedicated to keeping us updated on the situation.  It’s more complete than I’ll ever be.  I just let my naked feet get exposed to it and complain about how it stinks and I don’t wanna step on dead shit.

Getting back to Eric and Brick Wit House in general being the very definition of broke, we got ourselves an Amazon Associates account to help us out a little bit.  It’s real easy for you guys to help us out.  When you shop on Amazon . . . and we know you ALL shop on Amazon . . . click on any Amazon ad or Amazon link you see on our webpage.  You do NOT need to purchase the item in the add.  In a few cases, we’ll even recommend that you don’t purchase the item in the ad (as you’ll see in a minute with Leo’s weird ass Amazon ideas).  All you have to do is click on the ad to GET to Amazon.  Once you are there, just stay on the Amazon site and shop as you normally do without leaving the page (also, don’t use One-Click ordering, that won’t count for us) and anything you purchase will give us a small credit.  It won’t cost you anything more than you usually spend.  There will be no extra charges as a result of doing it.  It simply gives us credit for getting you onto the Amazon site.  So, shop, shop, SHOP . . . just do it through one of our links.  I’ll keep an Amazon ad of some kind in the sidebar so you can access it from anywhere on the website.  Now here is Leo’s weird shit . . . (I’ll put some normal stuff at the end of the page if you want to look through that as well)

As long as we’re talking about buying things, apparently Leo is still having some trouble finding milk.  I mean, he is having trouble finding milk that he wants because he’s a picky fuck and is too good to bend down to grab the whole milk that is a mere 7 feet below his face.

It’s not a thing I can live without.  I’d have to lower myself to get the whole milk . . .

I gotta have my bedtime snack.  Or at least, I gotta have my bedtime snack again after I suffer my broke ass to Oct 8th.  Yes, I put my milk in some empty FIJI bottles I have.  It keeps me from filling up a 32 oz glass and going through a gallon of milk every three days.

As far as bedtime goes, I went ahead and got myself some of that Formula 303 that we talked about last week.  I was told that it smells like feet.  It does, in fact, smell like feet, but it does as it advertises and provides one with some stress relief and reduces minor aches and pains.  Used in conjunction with my regular sleep medication, Alteril, I slept REALLY fuckin’ good and I didn’t wake up feeling like I was hit by a truck, so bonus points for that.  Feel free to try out one, or both products.

If you have trouble with insomnia as I do, and almost nothing works (except Ambien and they won’t give me that anymore), this has helped me out a lot.  You’re welcome.

Those aches and pains I’m talking about . . . that are not the result of the weird shit that Leo suggests . . . yeah, that came from this.  I posted this video back in April, but this is what is destroying my right arm.  You try to hold an 800 lb pallet upright with one hand.  Go ahead.  Try.

Alright, ya’ll, we put it out to you to tell us what you’re guilty pleasure phone games are, because we know you have them.  Here are a couple of mine (Click ’em to get ’em):

From left to right, that is Fishdom, Fish Farm 3 and SimCity Buildit (All links go to iTunes.  For apps designed for the lesser phones, go to the appropriate store and punch the name in.

Now, here is Leo’s guilty pleasure:

HA!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!  Just kidding!  Leo’s guilty pleasure got shut down, and that makes me point and laugh!  Fish Farm 3 for you it is, Motherfucker!

Now enjoy my beautiful fish, Bitches!!

(Yes, I recognize how sad this is.  It’s clear that I need a girlfriend or something.)

I’m reserving this spot right here for pictures of the real fish tank I had about 12 years ago . . . as soon as I find them.  The sad part about keeping your old files on a flash drive, is that it’s real fucking easy to lose the flash drive.  The house is only so big.  It’s gotta be in here somewhere.

EDIT:  After a 3 hour search, destroying my closet, all my drawers, every bag and item designed to carry computers and the equipment that goes with them, and a few other places that I may have stashed it, I finally found my flash drive . . .

. . . sitting right on top of my computer tower, out in the open, approximately 6 inches from my left knee whenever I’m sitting at the computer.

Oh well.  My closet is clean and organized now.

Anyway, here’s some pics of my old tank . . .

55 Gallons and I swear there were fish in there. Around 20 of them. I think they were camera shy.
She was about 3″ tall in that pic. I raised her from a little baby Angelfish. I had a white one too but I didn’t have any pics of that one.
My housecleaning Pleco, also grew to a pretty big size from a little baby. I called him “Big Lou”.
I even had it set up with “moonlights” to simulate the day cycle in the tank. It rotated every 12 hours.
Remember that kid??
That’s right, it’s my son, Anthony that you heard from in Episode 36!
There was a lot of time and money in that sucker, but it was well worth it. I hope to build another one someday.

Enjoy some pictures of my favorite freshwater fish to raise.

Enough with the fish, already, let’s move on . . .

Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.  I had to throw that in there.  I have no idea why that makes me laugh SO fucking hard.

Anyway, Here is Darren’s pool cleaning robot that he was bragging about.  Sorry about the video quality, but by the time a video gets, reduced, texted, then emailed, then uploaded to YouTube, it has been through some shit.

Now, let’s get down to some defusing some of Leo’s crebby, argumentative, pain-in-the-ass, shittitude . . .

Ya Asshole!!

First, let’s go over the whole “I live in a city full of old people” horseshit . . .



There ya go.  Median Age in Tampa is 35.1  2 and a half years UNDER the National average and only 2.2 years older than Raleigh.

Conclusion:  Suck it, Leo.

If you want stats for wherever you live, Dear Listeners, I got my info from Areavibes.

Moving on, let’s get into Leo’s blatant insistance that North Carolina is absolutely tropical and can not have winter weather anywhere outside of the traditionally accepted winter months of the year and that it would NEVER snow in Raleigh past January or before December.

What’s that?  Snow in Mid-March as recently as LAST YEAR?!  Can’t be.  Leo was there, so it’s just not possible.  Because weather only does what Leo wants it to.

Conclusion:  Suck it, Leo.

As for the Ybor City/Halloween debate . . . you’ll just have to wait for the results on that one.  What with me living here and all and having been in Ybor City many, many times, including on Halloween and the surrounding nights, but I have no idea what I’m talking about.  You’ll just have to wait for me to go there and bring back video and audio evidence to prove that . . .

. . . Leo can suck it.


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There are actually a bunch of other stuff . . . cables, acoustical foam, stands, more cables, a few more cables . . . anyway, that’s the main stuff right there.

Ok, I’m done playing with Amazon.

Have a great week, ya’ll!!



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