Halfway through the 35 Dollar Challenge and Eric is hungry!  We take our minds off of it a little bit and attack the thing that’s been on the news all week.  This episode is a weird mix of both serious and funny, so hop on in and enjoy the show!

It’s been a struggle, but the help of generous listeners and Leo, I haven’t killed anyone or starved to death.  Of course, I didn’t help anything when I left chicken and ground beef out on the counter all night . . . and all the next day.

Yes, it really was that color. That is not a lighting issue.

Hey, when you really need to get some food on a short budget, you most certainly can!  69 cent bread is awesome, but I recommend eating it fast.  It petrifies the next day.

We’ll include the Amazon links to both Leo and Eric’s Christmas list at the bottom of this page after the gratuitous begging thing that is always at the bottom.

People NOT having a good holiday season thus far . . .

So much pudding in prison. SO much.

I got me some Dan Cummins on vinyl!  Dig it!


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Eric’s Amazon Christmas List

Leo’s Amazon Christmas List

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