We’re back! Hurricane Irma is just a memory and we’re going to tell you how it went down here in Tampa during the storm and why the hurricane shelter may not have necessarily been the safest place for everyone in there. Find out how the shelter experience leads us into talking about our experiences with Social Anxiety and why Eric may not be a sufferer of said anxiety, but is just mean spirited.  Laugh with and at us as we stumble through the horrible diagnosis.

Show Notes:

As an edit to what we already said in the show, apparently the 2 month wait to be on iHeartRadio was bullshit.  I got an email today (Monday) that says we are up there now too!

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Because I may not have thought he was coming back if I found him not at the mic when I returned, Leo made sure I knew what the deal was.

The accommodations at the hurricane shelter were less than optimal, but at least I got caught up on The Walking Dead.  I did have a huge bruise on my hip from lying on a that hard classroom floor though.

I knew things weren’t going to be perfect staying at the shelter, but I didn’t expect to have to put up with THE most annoying human on the planet . . . and he sounded EXACTLY like this guy …

I was almost home after the storm was over and got stuck at this flooded pond.  Had to do a little re-routing to get to the house.

Driving around Saint Petersburg on Tuesday, I came across this which made me laugh. Either someone prevented a hell of a mess or there is one seriously angry fraternity pledge in there.

Let me make up for the long hair pic from last week, this is me (Eric) while we recorded this very episode.

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