I need BOTH of these things!

First, let me say a huge thank you to those of you that have donated to the show thus far.  Know that every single dime has gone into the show in one form or another, be it paying the monthly bills or upgrading equipment and software.  I joke about it a lot, but never once has it bought me a sandwich.  It all goes to Brick Wit House.

Ya’ll are good to us and we appreciate the hell out of it, and you’re the reason we keep coming back every week to bring you more.  We don’t want to stop and we want to bring in even more listeners to join in the Brick Wit House club.

So I’m going to reiterate the importance of the reviews, donations and the passing of the word about the show.

The Donations . . . Thus far, we’ve been able to buy an awesome piece of software that we are using to edit the show.  Hindenburg has been incredible and has made my editing life so much easier.  I’ve bought acoustical tiles to keep the quality of the recording quality as high as possible, at least from my end of the show.  I’m continuing to work on Leo’s audio quality and one of the many things I can do to help that is to record with the Zoom H6 that I have mentioned so many times, and in that vein, we ask again and again, please, if you can help us out, PLEASE donate.  We will give you a shout-out on the show and even bequeath you with Producer credit for multiple donations.  We will never mention the amount of your donation on the show as we believe EVERY donation is an important contribution to the show and we appreciate and are humbled by all of them, no matter the size.  (Definitely not “what she said”.)  Any and all extra money I have, I put into this show.  I’ve not felt passionate about many things in my life, but this show and getting into comedy are two that I hold very close to me.  I am more than happy to eat hot dog bun sandwiches if it means I can put more into this show.  Unfortunately, an alternator for my car is going to eliminate any extra cash I had to put in this week

I’m really getting concerned that we may have to put a temporary halt to the show, or at the very least, have to record without Leo for a few weeks until I can build up enough to by the Zoom, so I’m stepping out of the norm and posting a “mid-show” post here on the website to reiterate what we’re trying to do.

I hate, hate, HATE having to beg for money.  I really do, but at the same time, I’m trying to build a business.  Without investors, this is the only way I know to go about it, and I know that you, as a potential donor, want something in return . . . so please, tell me what you think you’d like to hear or see as a bonus just for donors, and I will stand on my head to try to make it happen.  I want you to have a return on your investment, even if it’s just a couple hours of laughs here and there.

But so I don’t have to beg in the future, you can also take a few moments of your time for . . .

The Reviews . . . Most importantly, this means iTunes.  Yes, we know that there are all kinds of platforms upon which we can be listened, but iTunes is the one that holds the key to our future.  It is iTunes that sponsors pay attention to and (unfairly) the ONLY place sponsors look to spend their money, and we want to get in on that.

So, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, or whoever you worship . . . please get on iTunes and leave a 5 star review.  The words in the review don’t matter.  You can actually just type “Eric told me to do this.” and that will be fine, as long as there are 5 stars on the review.  (We like more, but that’ll do as long as the stars are there.)

Finally, if nothing else . . . TELL YOUR FRIENDS about us!  SHARE our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The more people we have following the show, the better.  We love everyone.  We are an equal opportunity people.  Male, female, white, black, brown, yellow, green, gay, straight, Muslim, Satanist . . . it doesn’t matter.  SEND THEM ALL!  Donations of $20 or $50 or $100 or whatever from a couple of people are FUCKING AWESOME and we love it and love you for it, but I’d damn sure love 400 people that donated a dollar each just as much.  I could get the Zoom AND a sandwich!!

We want to build this show into something that everyone wants to listen to.  I want to build this show into something that I can continue to follow as my passion and leave behind the bullshit day job crap that does nothing more than contribute to my future heart condition and high blood pressure.

So please . . . help us out.  DONATE, REVIEW and PASS THE WORD!

Make a one time donation to us using PayPal at brickwithouse@gmail.com or the image link below . . . (You can set up a monthly thing on PayPal too, but I don’t know how to do that.  You’ll have to ask Leo on that one.)


You can donate to us through Venmo . . . First name “Brick”, last name “Withouse” . . . or if you’re a skilled Venmo user, just scan our QR code below.

And finally . . . commit a couple bucks a month to us at Patreon and get ready for some exclusive shit that I’m working on coming your way.  You can head there real easy by clicking on the link for Patreon that I just put there.  Or that next one.  Either way.



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