Many of you have asked about this, and we REALLY need the stars to help us move toward the charts and the sponsors, so let me take a few minutes to show you how it’s done . . .

For iTunes on Windows (and I feel like it looks just like this on the Mac too):

Head on into iTunes and select the Podcasts category from the dropdown in the upper left, then type Brick Wit House Comedy Podcast into the search bar on the upper right.  Make sure to scroll down and click on the Podcast and not one of the individual episodes.  You should end up on this page shown above.  Next to our logo, click on the link for “Ratings and Reviews” and you’ll end up  . . . .

Looking at this screen right here.  All of iTunes’ stuff seems to blend together, but if you look under “Customer Reviews”, you’ll see the button that says “Write a Review” . . .  click that, of course, and you will get . . .

This box!  Slap a name in the Nickname box (you can make it whatever you want), give it a short title and put in a short review . . . or tell us what you had for breakfast, it really doesn’t matter . . . the important part is that you CLICK THE FIFTH STAR so it says “It’s great” next to the stars.

That’s IT!  Just click on the “Submit” button and you are done!!

Your review will not appear right away.  Give it 24 hours to show up, but it will be there and you will have our undying gratitude forever and ever!

Now, for those of you that want to do this from your awesome iPhone . . . let’s go there:

Rating on the iPhone:

The Podcast App now comes as standard with all new iPhones and all current versions of iOS.  It’s the little purple one with the little dude in the circles, so go ahead and click on that bad boy.

In the search bar at the top, you’ll type in Brick Wit House Comedy Podcast and it will pull up both of my shows probably.  Click on the Brick Wit House logo under “Shows” (not under “Episodes”)

You’ll end up looking at our show here.  If you haven’t already, make sure you click the Subscribe button so you get all our new episodes automatically.  With that done . . . scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and you’ll end up . . .

. . . here.  At the very bottom, you can see the purple link that says “Write a Review”.  Click it.  Click it NOW!

Once again, MAKE SURE YOU TAP THAT FIFTH STAR SO THEY ARE ALL PURPLE, and then make a short title and a review . . . or the breakfast thing, whatever.  The important part is the stars.  Once you’re done, just click “Send” in the top right corner and you’re done!

I don’t have access to an iPad at this time, but if it is any different than what you see here and you want to help out by sending me some screenshots to show how it’s done, feel free to send them to me at .  If it’s pretty much the same, then let me know that too and I’ll edit this post to reflect that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for listening and taking the time to give us a good rating.  We know not everyone can send donations and we totally get that . . . but a 5 star review means EVERYTHING to us and it’s 100% FREE for you to do.  We look forward to seeing all the great reviews . . . or breakfast ideas, whichever.

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