We’ve been teasing you repeatedly, but now you’re finally getting the happy ending . . . it’s the Alanna interview!  The magical mind behind “White Girls Be Like . . .” hopped on Skype and entertained me (and now you) for two and half hours.  So much so, I had to break this up into two episodes.  Settle in for your morning commute or afternoon of ignoring work and find out what the future holds for White Girls Be Like as well as for Brick Wit House because she’s gonna be a regular!  Sorry guys, she’s taken, I’ve seen him myself and he looks to be a happy dude as well he should be.  Find out what makes her tick, why she says “like” a lot and what it sounds like to be nervous about being on our sad little podcast.

This is quite possibly my favorite picture of any human ever.

This is also all I have left after she broke my heart and bleached her hair.  Ya’ll know how I feel about my redheads.  They’re going to destroy me, but I’ll die happy and I know my stolen soul will be safe.

She’s making up for it by helping me design my “Free Candy” panel van just to attract pasty white redheads.  Apparently I just need to give away sunscreen, aloe vera, booze and brown eyeliner.

She doesn’t even accuse me of being a dirty old perv, which makes one or both of us questionable people.

Go check her out at White Girls Be Like and get on her ass about writing some more shit!

Also . . . I’m in MY OWN GODDAMN PLACE!!

Still putting things together, but it’s mine and I don’t have to share shit with anybody.  It’s small, just an efficiency, but since I basically live on my bed anyway, it’s perfect for me because it gives me plenty of room to set up the “recording studio” (ie: desk with all kinds of technical shit attached to it).

Here’s a few pics . . . (and yes, you can click on them to make them bigger)

The “studio” . . . where the Brick Wit magic will be made.
The bed . . . where absolutely no magic is being made.
Yes, that is Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory and to date, that is still the best goddamn birthday present I ever got. (Thanks, Denise!)
If that TV could be bigger, it would be . . . and no, that is not porn. (Anymore)
Down the hall toward the “kitchen”. (You’ll see why that is in quotes in a minute)
El baño . . . because if I’m going to live in this neighborhood, apparently I have to learn Spanish.
The “kitchen”. Yeah, that’s the whole fuckin’ thing. The items on the shelf . . . yeah, that’s what I cook with. There’s no stove.
See, I told you that was the whole thing.
My front door . . . through which NOBODY passes but me . . . and hopefully pasty white redheads that I have lured to my panel van on occasion.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but to me, that’s a kingdom, because it’s fucking MINE!  Although I’d appreciate some donations to help me get a grill so I can burn some dead things.

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