Category: Brick Wit House

Jul 09

Ep 34 – There Are Boobs In Here!

So many boobs! Big boobs, small boobs, bouncing boobs, naked boobs all over the place!  ALL of the boobs!  You definitely do not want to miss this episode.  It’s unlike anything we have ever done before and it is completely unprecedented in all of podcasting history! Also, none of that is true.  100% click bait. …

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Jul 02

Ep 33 – Unethical Treatment of Spider Monkeys

Have you ever had to re-evaluate your life?  Is it because you listen to this show?  We hope not, but there are other reasons and Leo and I are talking about them here.  You’ll also get to hear what is involved in living in a rich apartment building in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida, and it …

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Jul 02

Ep 32 – The Kinda Naked Waitress

It’s not as exciting as it sounds.  Or maybe it is.  Either way, it was a thing that happened and we’re talking about it.  Find out how Eric tipped his waitress a day later and why you should be very picky about where you get your burgers, because whether you want to believe it or …

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Jun 18

Ep 31 – Not Our First Offense

Leo and I talk about how to not be offensive in the most offensive way possible.  It’s what we do and it’s the world we live in.  Hang out with us, we had a pretty good night and we got kinda deep into our offensive world.  Or is it? I was HORRIDLY lazy this weekend, …

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Jun 12

Ep 30 – Not Episode 30

We’re back and Leo is struggling through some big changes, some have already happened and others are still to come.  Join me as I watch him drink his stresses away and try to work some things out in his head.  Find out what my son did for his Father’s Day contribution this weekend.  It was …

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May 29

Ep 29 – Not Bar Mitzvah Appropriate

We’re getting into how the comedy set is progressing, and I know that the title of the episode suggests that there might be a Jew joke.  There isn’t, but my dad has inadvertently written my closer and it’s DARK.  Also listen to me repeatedly refer to Tropical Storm Alberto as Alejandro and NEVER correct it! …

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May 21

Ep 28 – CandiedSkull and it’s Weird Legacy

It’s Eric’s history, a little bit.  Leo wanted to bring my 15 minutes of minimal fame to light so we talked about it.  How it started, how it ended and how all of it resulted in simple poverty and disappointment. Ironically, a lot like this podcast is going! Perfect! After searching through old pics and …

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May 14

Ep 27 – Überstunden

We grabbed hold of our responsible side and recorded, edited and released on schedule!  This week (The title is German, obviously.  It means “overtime”.)  we’re talking about our experiences as Uber drivers so you drunks can get a feel of life on the other side.  Very little about it was good, and we’re more than …

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May 08

Ep 26 – Bucket List of the Damned

Ok, so we took a little too long of a break, so we kinda made up for it by recording a little bit too long of an episode.  We dug into a post of mine from the Opticynicism Blog and gussied it up a little bit, or made a mockery of it.  One of those.  …

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Apr 16

Ep 25 – Stand Up or Shut Up

This is quite possibly, the most excited I have ever been to get into stand-up.  Find out about my night at the comedy club last weekend, hanging out with Bobby from Find The Stone and just how sincerely stoked I am to make this happen.  This was not only one of my most favorite shows, …

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