Category: Siri

Jul 09

Ep 34 – There Are Boobs In Here!

So many boobs! Big boobs, small boobs, bouncing boobs, naked boobs all over the place!  ALL of the boobs!  You definitely do not want to miss this episode.  It’s unlike anything we have ever done before and it is completely unprecedented in all of podcasting history! Also, none of that is true.  100% click bait. …

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Apr 03

Ep 23 – Do The Dot

Leo is back this week and Eric got himself an Amazon Dot, so we decided to screw with Alexa.  Ok, so we didn’t really screw with her, we mostly just played a game with her, but we plan on screwing with her in the future, as well as with Siri.  Come on in and listen …

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