Category: Social Anxiety

Jul 02

Ep 33 – Unethical Treatment of Spider Monkeys

Have you ever had to re-evaluate your life?  Is it because you listen to this show?  We hope not, but there are other reasons and Leo and I are talking about them here.  You’ll also get to hear what is involved in living in a rich apartment building in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida, and it …

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Feb 05

Ep 15 – Proper Parenting Through Fear and Intimidation

We are in need of professional, psychological help . . . which is not really a secret at this point, but in this episode, we’re gonna tell you exactly why.  Delve into why we’re totally screwed up and will proudly continue to be so, on this weeks adventure into our dark, twisted minds.  Also, you …

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Sep 19

Ep 02 – Hurricane Anxiety

We’re back! Hurricane Irma is just a memory and we’re going to tell you how it went down here in Tampa during the storm and why the hurricane shelter may not have necessarily been the safest place for everyone in there. Find out how the shelter experience leads us into talking about our experiences with …

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