Category: Stand-Up Comedy

Jun 18

Ep 31 – Not Our First Offense

Leo and I talk about how to not be offensive in the most offensive way possible.  It’s what we do and it’s the world we live in.  Hang out with us, we had a pretty good night and we got kinda deep into our offensive world.  Or is it? I was HORRIDLY lazy this weekend, …

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May 29

Ep 29 – Not Bar Mitzvah Appropriate

We’re getting into how the comedy set is progressing, and I know that the title of the episode suggests that there might be a Jew joke.  There isn’t, but my dad has inadvertently written my closer and it’s DARK.  Also listen to me repeatedly refer to Tropical Storm Alberto as Alejandro and NEVER correct it! …

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Apr 16

Ep 25 – Stand Up or Shut Up

This is quite possibly, the most excited I have ever been to get into stand-up.  Find out about my night at the comedy club last weekend, hanging out with Bobby from Find The Stone and just how sincerely stoked I am to make this happen.  This was not only one of my most favorite shows, …

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