Leo got his laptop back, but we haven’t been real good at getting episodes out.  We explain why that is going on and what is being done to try to make it better.

This episode is dedicated to my good friend, John Chavo Orozco who tragically drowned on August 20th, 2018.  His loss weighs heavily upon me and as the show is titled, he and I met each other at a time in our lives when we were both trying to get our shit together.  May you rest in peace, Beaner.  -Uncle E

John Chavo Orozco


During one of our more fun times, Beaner stuffing a buddy into my trunk to take him to an AA meeting. Unfortunately, now both John and Tim (getting in on the passenger side) are no longer with us.

On to the show . . .

Leo tried as hard as he could to make another shitty musical reference, because God forbid I get through telling a story without a shitty musical reference interruption.  I tried as hard as I could to ignore it.  I did pretty well too.  So here, just to make him happy . . . what came to his mind when I tried to talk about the Little Bitch . . . I mean . . . Jeremy.

Once you get past Leo’s silliness and incessant need to make everything a reference to something . . . check out the true story behind the song.  You’ll never listen to it the same again.

Now, I’d be happy to loan Leo my VA card to get the Lowe’s discount.  I just don’t think he can pull off the look.  (This pic was taken in 2014, by the way.)

This here is Leo finding my spirit animal and showing it to me on Facebook . . .

Since we went on and on about our radio stations for some stupid reason, because we both know how to use all the streaming services that have made radio obsolete, here are our stations and their apps we have been listening to.

Eric’s –

Get the app for iOS and Google play from the website.  I won’t judge you for not having iOS.  No out loud anyway.

Leo’s –

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