Come get to know us in our very first episode of Brick Wit House where we will introduce ourselves, tell you about how we met and came to be the people that we are now.  This episode is off the cuff and completely ad-libbed as we recorded it in the face of Hurricane Irma because that big nasty lady decided she wanted to make her appearance right when we planned on making episode 1.  We weren’t going to allow her to take that from us, so here we are!

Show Notes:

We discuss how we met at a tire shop in North Carolina and our mutual interest in being questionable human beings.

The show was recorded 2 days before Hurricane Irma reached Eric’s neighborhood in Tampa and the plans he has because of it as well as what the storm will mean for the timing of upcoming episodes.

We promised, we delivered . . . Eric in the pre-bald era . . . and also with a hangover.

Here is Leo’s crazy face picture he sent me during the episode!

And there is the tweet I sent to Hooters.

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