Leo took off and went to New York, and he told me about it after he had already left, in case you were wondering how organized we are.  Anyway, karma got him back for his transgression and he ended up leaving his laptop in New York, so he had to do this episode with the Skype app on his phone!  So his audio quality is awful.  Skype as only Fisher Price can bring it!

The text that got the dipshittery rolling. Thanks for the warning, Leo!!

There were a lot of pics of Leo’s cabin adventure, and the aftermath pictures after the flood.  I don’t know the story behind them all since I wasn’t there, but if Leo wants to answer questions down in the comments, I THINK HE SHOULD.  (You can click on them to enlarge them)

Despite the destruction of their beautiful cabin, they are fortunate to have got out of there before that came through and were able to enjoy the rest of their trip doing things like . . . visiting Lisa Weaver and her husband!!

. . . and of course, Leo made “sound files” . . . for which I will forever give him shit for taking videos without any actual video.

Of course, Florida not wanting to be out-done with water tragedies, we get to experience the Red Tide, which has brought us things like this . . .

Ok, I’m thinkin’ that’s enough death and destruction for one episode of our comedy podcast, don’tcha think?  So let me end on a high note.  I’m not going to post the whole video, but this is the end of my stand-up set from August 5th and the act of kindness Bobby did for me as I walked off stage.  I’m forever grateful for his attempt to make me feel better about what had just happened.

This is not the entire set.  I’m still very hesitant to share that, but this is the end and Bobby’s outtro.

As a final note, but certainly not least . . . I’d like to ask everybody to keep Bobby in their thoughts in the coming weeks as he recovers from a very serious car accident last week.  He spent a couple days in the ICU, has broken several ribs at a minimum and is continuing to recover as we speak.  I am happy to report that I did see him make a post on Facebook yesterday and his sense of humor did not suffer in the crash.  Feel better, Brother.  I want your funny self on our show real soon!

That’s Bobby in the middle for those of you who have forgotten. Ari is the flat-earther with the round earth on his shirt. I’m round-earther with the flat earth on my shirt. The accurate representation hovers above Bobby’s head like a halo.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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