Not only do I have Aris on this week, but I pulled his brother Jason out of the background and got Aris to shut the hell up and let the man talk.  Jason is absolutely fascinating and has been EVERYWHERE . . . like, literally.  It’s an hour and a half that gets funny, then serious, then funny again, then serious . . . you get the idea.  Just love the show, for cryin’ out loud!

I’ll admit, I have precious few pics from this show unless I can get Jason to send me more, but Jason said this one is his favorite.

If you are not following Jason’s Instagram account @exploreeffect then you are WRONG!!  He has incredible photos on there!!


This is but one pic from his Instagram. I LOVE this one!


This is the result of Aris’ encounter with a NYC Subway Train. He is DAMN lucky to be alive!


This was the start of the show . . .
This was the aftermath.
. . . and one of these weird fuckers got left behind.

The video we watched?!  Of COURSE I’ll share it with you!!  Right now . . . .

Enjoy that shit!!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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