You know how some comedians feel about following big acts?  Nobody wanted to come up after Sam Kinison, and with good reason.  You just can’t follow that up.  That’s how we felt doing this episode, because Alanna is a tough act to follow, but we gave it our best shot . . . even though Leo tried going sober for this weeks show.  Lesson learned.  We have to find the perfect BAC for Leo from now on.  I’m thinking a nice, cool .08 would be just about perfect.


Smirnoff Ice . . . with SKITTLES!

He’s come a long way from Cop Killa’ . . .

Be sure to check out my boys, Aris and Bobby K on their great new podcast, Find The Stone.  They’re smart, fun and have some really intelligent shit to say . . . I mean really . . . they make Leo and I look really fucking bad, so go check them out and then come back to us and yell at us to be more like them.


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