We are in need of professional, psychological help . . . which is not really a secret at this point, but in this episode, we’re gonna tell you exactly why.  Delve into why we’re totally screwed up and will proudly continue to be so, on this weeks adventure into our dark, twisted minds.  Also, you get to vote for stuff.  It’ll be fun . . . really.

It is SO gray. And SO fucking itchy.

Ok kids, the Opticynicism Blogcast is going to go away and meld itself into this podcast.  The blog itself will not go away but I put too much on my plate to keep up with all of it.

In any case . . . in my pursuit of stand-up comedy, I think the best of my work has been my posts about my dad and his shitty idea of what being a dad is.  So I’m gonna ask you to do some “work”.  By “work” I mean, “reading”.  So please, check out these posts, most of which are a few years old, but by a landslide, THE most popular posts I ever made.  Read them . . . and then when you’re done, vote in the poll below as to which one you think I should turn into an on-stage comedy bit.

You people fucking ROCK!!

Dysfunction is Relative, and Probably One of my Relatives, Part 1

Dysfunction is Relative, and Probably One of my Relatives, Part 2

Dysfunction is Relative, and Probably One of my Relatives, Part 3

Getting Your Masters Degree in Emailing

Please, God, Tell Me My Real Father Was the Milkman

The Refrigerator and The Skunk

We Saw This Coming and I’m Not Talking About Irene

Now VOTE, you fuckin’ weirdos!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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4 thoughts on “Ep 15 – Proper Parenting Through Fear and Intimidation

  1. I have three older brothers..The only girl and the youngest, with parents who grew up in the depression in Canada..My Dad was an executive and mom could stay home with us and she did until I was 11 or 12… I am known as a social butterfly, chatterbox and a smartass..And there is much fodder in between all that. I think many of us are looking back and saying..how the hell did I get here from there..good, bad or indifferant..lol. I see a mix of both your parents in mine and wonder if maybe it was the times and how they were raised…so what the hell has happened to the kids today..Tidepods..Really??!! Can you say A.D.D…what was I saying..oh look shiny..😆Anyhoo that was a good show. I would leave a 5 star but, I dont have itunes..

  2. I missed some of your Dad posts! I know we never kept our yard up to your Dad’s standards. I could always tell. Do you ever talk about the beer making operation that was in the garage? Between growing up near an active rock quarry and the exuberance of the secondary fermentation, I am completely desensitized to earthquakes and rapid explosions. Thank you for your family’s contribution for prepping me for the dystopian future.

    1. I haven’t but I really should talk about the beer operation . . . in particular the really hot summer we had one year when half of his stash exploded from the heat. lol Dystopia is quite possibly the best term I have ever heard about living next to us. It’s PERFECT!! Miss you, neighbor!!

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