We broke out the old stories in this one, and we may or may not have had a behind the scenes debate about what “central” means, but in any event, we brought the tales of our National travels and the places we had the most fun . . . or committed the worst crimes . . . or drank the most.  One of those.  Or all of those.  Anyway, kick back and enjoy one of our longer episodes where we reveal the really seedy people we actually are.

Yes, that is your favorite podcast host, Eric, right there.  Lemme tell you the story behind that picture, because as much as the Marine Corps would want you to believe that we were all posing with our serious ass faces being proud Marines . . . this is how it actually went down . . .

When that pic was taken, it was 5:00 in the morning.  We were fresh “out of the rack” and made this stop to take pictures on our way to what was a daily, rushed and stressful breakfast.  This was about 2 weeks before we graduated from boot camp and we were in our “rifle range” portion of training, which is, conveniently enough, the two weeks that the Drill Instructors were at their very nicest.  Understandable, given that was the only two weeks where we all walked around with M-16’s and full clips of live ammo.

I said they were at their nicest.  I didn’t say they were nice.

The Dress Blues I’m wearing in the picture was just a crop top that attached in the back with velcro and aside from that I was dressed in full green camo.  They had around 3 of those hats (covers, for you military types that were about to lose your shit) and they picked the one that fit the best on your head and jammed it on.  Approximately 30 seconds had passed between the guy before me getting his picture and the guy after me.  It was quick, efficient and the “stern, strong” look is simply the result of lack of sleep, complete terror and just a touch of Stockholm Syndrome.

I was also in the best shape of my life at that point and was never before, nor have I been since, in that shape.

This is me and my mom on the day I graduated from boot camp.  If only I could ever be in that kind of shape again.

That’s me and my now almost 23 year old when he was 2 when I had just returned from one of my adventures across the country with the Bill Clinton clan.  Those are the skies above the Quantico, VA runway outside that window.

This is the video Leo felt compelled to send me today . . . and I must admit, I was impressed.

Remember when it was 70 degrees and sunny and we rode home with the windows down way back in the ….. yesterday.

That is the actual caption I put on that picture when I posted it on Facebook back in 2012 when I lived in Colorado Springs.

That is my son pointing up at the smoke rising from the Waldo Canyon Wildfire on the day after it started, when it wasn’t quite a big deal yet.

That is the last picture I took from my back porch as the wildfire rolled down the mountain behind my apartment literally minutes after a police officer had knocked on my door and told us to get the hell out.

My son was sitting in the back of the pickup truck as we drove away from the apartment . . .this was the view behind us.

This was minutes later, in front of us.  Keep in mind, this was a bright, sunny, beautiful day.

I took that pic the day I moved in to my apartment from the same porch in the previous picture when that mountain was on fire.

Here is my “appearance” on WRAL TV 5 News in Raleigh after our evacuation from the wildfire zone.  Who would have thought it would be my FIRST name they would misspell?

Pikes Peak from the parking lot where I worked.  In Colorado’s defense, it was an awesome view when shit wasn’t on fire.

That’s the dude responsible for the funky beats at the end of the show . . . many, many years ago . . .

That’s me and my bro a couple years ago.  I got the depression . . . he got the terminal dismay.

The guy I told you all about that I want to hire to do our graphics and logo and shit . . . he did this one for me a few years back.  He exaggerated my build . . . a lot, but he’s the one who told me I was “built like a brick shit house” . . . and thus, the seed was set for the name of this very podcast.

That’s the reason I want to hire him.  I admire his optimism and apparently shitty webcam because he’s seriously not getting a correct view.  That image was more accurate to around 1994.

And if you’d like to visit Mints in Canada . . . feel free to do so by clicking the link, but keep in mind it is SO MUCH not safe for work!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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