Have you ever had to re-evaluate your life?  Is it because you listen to this show?  We hope not, but there are other reasons and Leo and I are talking about them here.  You’ll also get to hear what is involved in living in a rich apartment building in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida, and it isn’t always as pretty as you would think.

Hey, if you’re gonna have them shipped to you, cut some fuckin’ holes in the box at least!

I give not one single fuck that you know this guys address.  Be sure to stop by and check out his APARTMENT.  (Fucking asshole)

This is just a screenshot from one of the many photos of the 3.5 million dollar joint at the top of the building, but feel free to click THIS LINK and see all the pics.

Unfortunately, this is a TYPICAL conversation I have while I’m at work . . .

Ok, fine . . . on to the friendlier side of the podcast . . .

I finally got a GRILL!!  I have REAL shit I can cook on  that isn’t an electric skillet or a shitty hotplate . . . or toaster oven . . . or microwave . . . or crockpot . . . or leaving shit out in the sun until it looks kinda done.

How many of you stove having motherfuckers are looking at me right now going, “Jesus, that poor dude.”


Yeah, the last pic is depressing because I finally have a nice grill and it fucking rained.  Fuck you, Florida.

Well, I had a link to Leo’s new house that he’s gonna have, but Zillow has listed it as “Off Market”, so I can’t get a decent pic.  I will defer to Leo to get me one.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics of Leo setting a canoe on fire . . .

This here is the flag that these genius’ decided would represent them . . .

That’s it.  Me and this episode are tapped out.


Peace Out, Bitches!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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