It’s been a year since I shaved my head and I’ve been wearing a hat to keep it out of my eyes, so I figured I’d rep my second favorite podcast. Also because we don’t have a Brick Wit House hat . . . yet.

I wanted to take a few minutes and give ya’ll an update as things haven’t quite gone as planned this month.

Firstly, I have a great episode in the can and I’m going to try real hard this weekend to get it together and on the air for your enjoyment.  My awesome guest, Don Re joined me on New Years Day and we had a great conversation and it was really great to finally talk to him in person after having been Facebook friends for the last 4 years or so.  Look forward to that as it is a great show!

Secondly, there is a reason that everything has been delayed and it is HUGE.  Ya’ll have listened to me piss and moan about work and how miserable it makes me for the last year +.  Well, 2019 needed to bring change, even if I had to force it, so in order to bring that change, I’m dropping everything here in Florida, packing all my shit and heading back up to North Carolina to make a new start.  January 31st will be my last day in Florida as my U-Haul and I cross the border to the North.

I’ll be temporarily at my brother’s until I have a paycheck or two under my belt and can get my own place, most likely there in Clayton, NC.


What does this mean for Brick Wit House?

Glad you asked.

Aside from the New Years episode I plan on putting out this weekend, it’s going to mean another couple week delay while I pack all my shit up and get ready to travel.  So, more delays, but the show will be back and better than ever!

Is it going to make it harder for me to record shows?

No.  If anything, it will make it easier.  At least from a guest/guest co-host aspect.  I know more people up there and can actually get some live “in-studio” guests making for much more interesting videos for the YouTube channel.  I mean, until I’m in my own place, it means I’ll have to set everything up, record a show, and then take everything apart again.  My brother is generous enough giving me a temporary place to stay, I’m not gonna set up a permanent recording studio in his house while I’m there.  I’ll just have to do the work each time.

Am I still going to do the cooking show?

Yep, damn right I am.  Might even have to have my brother as a guest, too (I think I can talk him into it), especially after he kinda gave me a cooking show the other night.  (Fucking Smashburgers are the BOMB!)

So, fear not, Kids . . . I told you Brick Wit House was gonna face some big changes in 2019, I just didn’t expect they were going to be this big.  At the end of the day, I already feel better, about myself, about life and about things in general.  That can only mean good things for both me and the show, and ultimately, YOU loyal followers!

Thank you SO much for hanging on through all the holiday bullshit and this eventual turn of events.  I’m gonna bend over backwards to make it completely worth the wait!

Leave me some comments below.  Let me know what you’re looking forward to or would like to see coming.

Oooooohhhhh!!  We have another new way to get in touch with us and it’s a thing that I would also like to incorporate into the show down the road too.  Brick Wit House has a phone number!!  It’s not a number that goes to my phone, but you can leave voicemail messages and even text us.  I’d love to incorporate a segment down the road where I play your voice messages on the show and respond to you right there!  I’ll answer questions, offer horrible advice or just give you my opinion (ya know, like I already do).  I think it will be a lot of fun and can’t wait to make it a thing, so give me a call:

(919) 213-1005

[In leaving a voicemail message, you grant Brick Wit House permission to play your message on the show unless this permission is explicitly rescinded in the message]

Can’t wait to hear from ya’ll real soon and really looking forward to being back “on the air”!

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